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Art Reviews 2013

By Tim Abdallah, Head of Art
15 Nov 2013

When a painting exceeds its estimate it's always a good thing, and when it breaks a record it’s a very good feeling for the auctioneers as well. I can’t remember a painting that caused such universal pleasure as My Armchair, by Brett Whiteley. The vendor was pleased,...

By Tim Abdallah, Head of Art
22 Oct 2013

Lot 102. Sali Herman Street Scene, Sydney 1949

It’s hard to put your finger on Sali Herman’s place in the current Australian art market. During the 1980’s art boom he prospered and set a price record for his work of $77,000 (buyer’s premium inclusive). This was not beaten until...

By Tim Abdallah, Head of Art
21 Oct 2013

Whiteley’s My Armchair, a major painting from 1976, bears the inscription in the upper right corner: Astral Weeks, a reference to the title of a famous album produced by the Irish singer Van Morrison in 1968. 

Like many artists, Brett Whiteley loved...

By Marina Bromley BA (Hons)
16 Oct 2013

"I am not making pictures, I make feelings. I want to make art without telling a story; it must be allusive, lyrical."1

Rosalie Gascoigne’s work is refreshingly original and unique in the context of Australian art. Simultaneously simple yet complex, her...

By Caroline Jones MA (Art Admin.)
16 Oct 2013

Wandiligong, located in the north-east of Victoria, is a small township that was established in the 1850s during the time of the gold rush. The name Wandiligong is an aboriginal name meaning ‘place of the echidnas’. The town was built on the Morses Creek and during the height of the...

By Alison Burns BA (Hons); MA
16 Oct 2013

Ethel Spowers, a painter and printmaker, was a pivotal figure during one of the most iconic and stylistically rich movements in the history of Australian art. Notable for the extraordinary output of female artists, including Margaret Preston, Dorrit Black, Eveline Syme and Thea...

By Ken Wach
09 Oct 2013

In an essential sense this painting has everything of Whiteley. It is an artistic compendium of his aesthetic attributes, his compositional characteristics and a mirror of his personality. Well, not his personality – that is well known; but rather his inner artistic character...

By Alison Burns BA (Hons); MA
08 Oct 2013

Charles Blackman came to prominence as a major modernist artist when his now iconic series of schoolgirl paintings was exhibited at the Peter Bray Gallery in Melbourne in May 1953. This exhibition heralded the arrival of a young and profoundly talented artist with a singular vision...

By Tim Abdallah, Head of Art
08 Jul 2013

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal (reprinted in The Australian Newspaper and online

By Tim Abdallah, Head of Art
18 Jun 2013

Sydney will have a taste of the pointy end of International contemporary art this week with the display of Rachel Feinstein’s major work Wagenburg prior to being auctioned at the Menzies auction on Thursday (27th June) evening. Feinstein is married to the painter John Currin...