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Lot 63. Thomas Balcombe Untitled (Pastoral Scene with Stockmen and Cattle) image
By Rodney James, B.A. (Hons.), M.A
02 Dec 2015

Early European settlers tended to look at Australia’s Indigenous population with a mixture of curiosity, pity, disdain or fear. Although first-hand contact was limited, Aboriginals were invariably seen as an inferior race and their long-standing connection with the land was actively challenged...

DAVID BOYD Reconciliation image
By Timothy Abdallah BA
11 Nov 2015

Reconciliation, painted by David Boyd in 2001, represents the continuation of an important theme that had preoccupied the artist his entire life.

GARRY SHEAD Dancing up the Stairs image
By Tessa Dorman MA Art History and Theory
11 Nov 2015


Garry Shead is one of Australia’s most renowned artists for his poetic depictions of Australian culture and the essence of human love. Arguably his most powerful series, Dance Sequence, is one of the artist’s most adored series and includes the present work, Dancing up the Stairs...

BRETT WHITELEY Wind from the East image
By Caroline Jones MA (Art Admin.)
11 Nov 2015

Brett Whiteley is associated with Sydney and its harbour in a way that no other artist of our time is. He depicts the glistening, emerald waters with the city beyond in his unmistakably characteristic palette and the gestural arcs of his ink brush. Whiteley’s most famous and well-loved works are...

ROBERT DICKERSON Conference in the Street image
By Emeritus Professor Sasha Grishin AM FAHA
11 Nov 2015

The death of Robert Dickerson in October of this year took many people by surprise.  It was not that his death at the age of 91 was particularly unexpected, even if he had been in robust health for the preceding few years, but it was because Dickerson was a maverick and unique figure in the...

JOHN OLSEN Simpson Desert Meets the Void image
By Catherine Baxendale B Phil Hons
11 Nov 2015

John Olsen (born 1928) first encountered the Simpson Desert when he flew over Lake Eyre, to its immediate south, in 1975. Twelve months of flooding rains had transformed the lake – ordinarily a parched, desolate saltpan – into a veritable oasis, teeming with flora and birdlife. The trip resulted...

ARTHUR BOYD Nebuchadnezzar with Lion’s Head image
By Marguerite Brown MA ArtCur
11 Nov 2015

In the late 1960s Arthur Boyd commenced a series of paintings to illustrate a text by historian T.S.R. Boase on the theme of Nebuchadnezzar, the ancient King of Babylon. Boase examined historical and biblical sources that describe the story of the King who, according to the Book of Daniel was...

CHARLES BLACKMAN Girl at Table image
By Anne Phillips MA
11 Nov 2015

Charles Blackman strode on to the international stage with the Whitechapel Gallery’s 1961 exhibition, Recent Australian Painting, in which ‘a hothouse of geniuses suddenly stepped on to the pages of history.’1

RUSSELL DRYSDALE Portrait of an Aboriginal Girl image
By Associate Professor Ken Wach
11 Nov 2015

Russell Drysdale was honoured with a knighthood in 1969 for services to the arts. However, this prestigious public and formal validation was preceded by many decades of private and informal admiration by artists, curators and collectors. In fact, Drysdale’s reputation grew soon after his first...

ARTHUR BOYD Landscape with Poddy image
By Marguerite Brown MA ArtCur
11 Nov 2015

As one of Australia’s greatest artists of the twentieth century, Arthur Boyd’s creative oeuvre encompasses a range of different themes and stylistic modes of expression. From symbolically charged allegorical paintings, to naturalistic landscapes that respond to Australia’s varied terrain – this...