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William Robinson Bush Landscape with Sunbeams image
By Anonymous
13 May 2020

…the painting simultaneously does so many different things, exquisitely orchestrated to the finest pitch, that you can feel exhilarated, drunk, as you stand before it.  You do feel intoxicated, or at least pleasurably seasick, because you are immediately plunged into...

NORMAN LINDSAY Iris c1938 image
By Catherine Baxendale B Phil Hons
06 May 2020

Shown wearing little more than a headdress and silk slippers, Iris is a striking embodiment of sensuality and mystique. As with many of Norman Lindsay’s nudes, the sitter’s lack of attire does not imply her vulnerability - rather, Iris appears emboldened by the viewer’s gaze, assuming...

ROBERT DICKERSON Punters 1968 image
By Asta Cameron
29 Apr 2020

Born and raised in Depression-era Sydney, Robert Dickerson was no stranger to adversity; a trait evident in the melancholy, gaunt faces of the characters in his paintings. From a young age he drew compulsively, usually warships and aircraft, but his attention was drawn elsewhere as he grew older...

Garry Shead Dante's Vision 2019 image
By Anonymous
22 Apr 2020

Dante's Vision

The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri is universally accepted to be one of the greatest works of Western literature. Written as an epic poem in 14th-century Italy, it is an imaginative vision of the afterlife and traces the journey of Dante...

24. FRED WILLIAMS Grass Trees in Landscape, Deception Bay c1971 image
By Gavin Fry
29 Jan 2020

Fred Williams is among a tiny handful of Australian artists whose works have reached...

25. GARRY SHEAD The Coronation 1997 image
By Caroline Jones BA, MA (Art Admin.)
29 Jan 2020

Garry Shead has established a reputation as one of Australia’s foremost contemporary figurative artists. His scenes transpire in a uniquely Australian context established by the likes of Russell Drysdale (1912-1981), and Arthur Boyd (1920-1999), who also used figurative...

26. JAMES GLEESON Odysseus 1964 image
By Ken Wach
29 Jan 2020

The Sydney artist James Gleeson is justifiably regarded as...

27. JOHN OLSEN Frog in a Pond 1979 image
By Corinna Cullen BA MA Art History and Curatorial Studies
29 Jan 2020

An environmental conservationist before it was fashionable, John Olsen was one of Australia’s first modern artists to draw out the beauty in the minutiae of Australian landscape and ecology. His awakening to Australia’s astonishing natural...

28. WILLIAM ROBINSON Towards the Cliff, Beechmont 1991 image
By Corinna Cullen BA MA Art History and Curatorial Studies
29 Jan 2020

In the late 1980s and early 1990s William Robinson began to paint landscapes in a remarkable way. Liberating the observer from the constraints of both time and gravity, Robinson began charting journeys across the landscape he...

29. CHARLES BLACKMAN Song of the Flute c1982 image
By Marguerite Brown MA - Art Curatorship
29 Jan 2020

In this depiction of a celestial night sky, Charles Blackman creates an evocative fusion of the human and the cosmic. A leading figure in the modern Australian art movement of the mid-twentieth century, Blackman’s work has always been defined by its originality, and expression of psychological...