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Art Reviews

By Caroline Jones
18 Nov 2014

‘I did enjoy the place so much and I worked hard and did some good pieces. What a wonderful place it is.’1

Streeton’s time spent in Venice whilst on his honeymoon in 1908 is possibly some of the happiest of his life and the work he produced from this period is testament to this. The...

By Tim Abdallah
18 Nov 2014


SIDNEY NOLAN, Kelly and Horse

By Rodney James BA (Hons.), MA
02 Sep 2014

1964 was a stellar year for Sidney Nolan. From his home and studio-base in London, Nolan travelled to France, Scotland, Holland, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Antarctica. In that same year, Nolan produced over 140 new works inspired by such extensive travel, new...

By Jacqueline Strecker, BA Hons I, PhD
02 Sep 2014

Jeffrey Smart has been described as the ‘master of stillness’ renowned for his evocative and unique imagery depicting modern urban life.1 He is widely recognised as one of Australia’s most important expatriate painters through his considerable ability to capture in art the...

By Tim Abdallah, Head of Art, Southern Region
02 Jul 2014
By Caroline Jones BA, MA (Art Admin.)
01 Jul 2014

‘I feel that with interiors I need not be in a hurry over it because it will be there for me the next day. Whereas out of doors I like to get the effect of the particular time when I’m doing it … Not that I want to be slow at all because I don’t believe in dilly-dallying over a...

By Rodney James
01 Jul 2014

Jeffrey Smart once made the remark that he enjoyed spending time amidst the ambience of commercial ports and docks. He had a passion for sketching and photographing shipping containers, structures and sea-bound freight but occasionally would get into a scrape when a dockworker...

By Ken Wach
01 Jul 2014

This painting has never been seen in Australia. Brett Whiteley created his Gauguin at the Chelsea Hotel in New York in 1968 and it has remained there until this time. 

The famous American playwright Arthur Miller remained secluded at The Chelsea for six...

By Tim Abdallah, Head of Art
25 Mar 2014