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Lot 24. Robert Klippel Opus 267 image
By menzies
07 Sep 2015

James Mollison AO, the founding Director of the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra, always thought of Klippel as the most extraordinary manipulator of three-dimensional form he had ever seen. Ken Scarlett, the author and respected Australian sculpture scholar, rightly considers Klippel to...

Lot 34. William Kentridge Blog by Tim Abdallah image
By menzies
04 Sep 2015

One of the best known artists in Australia is William Kentridge. In fact he is not Australian, but a South African who belongs to the international avante-garde. Although he was born and continues to live in South Africa, he works everywhere, and is nowadays continuously busy, well-...

Lot 3. Charles Blackman Girl with Red Flowers Blog by Tim Abdallah image
By Tim Abdallah, Head of Art
01 Sep 2015

Reading Julian Barnes’ Keeping an Eye Open has introduced me to a painter I was vaguely aware of: Felix Vallotton, the turn of the century Swiss artist, and friend of Bonnard and Vuillard. Vallotton is a fairly obscure artist, and yet he comes alive in Barnes’ excellent book. Of...

Lot 22. John Olsen Chasing the Rhino Blog by Tim Abdallah image
By Tim Abdallah, Head of Art
01 Sep 2015

John Olsen is widely thought of as Australia’s greatest living artist. His earliest recorded paintings date back to the 1940’s, and by 1960 he was an important member of the Sydney art scene and taking part in major exhibitions. Olsen still makes headlines for his art, it seems like only a few...

58. HAUGHTON FORREST Untitled (View of Mount Pelion West from Frog Flats, Tasmania) image
By Caroline Jones BA, MA (Art Admin.)
28 Aug 2015

Mount Pelion, the third highest mountain in Tasmania, is located in the central highlands and is part of the Pelion range within the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park. On the northern side of the mountain, Forth River flows down towards Frog Flats. The present work, View of Mount...

57. PHILLIP PIPERIDES Sensuous Nude 2003 image
By Cameron Menzies
28 Aug 2015

Cypriot-born sculptor Phillip Piperides describes his practice with a succinctness which belies the inspiration, craftsmanship and sheer toil required to create works such as Sensuous Nude 2003.
‘I have forever been intrigued with the human form. More than naturalistic representations, my...

56. ARTHUR BOYD Blue Nebuchadnezzar c1970 image
By Anne Phillips MA
28 Aug 2015

During his long and prestigious career, Arthur Boyd depicted subjects ranging from sparse, yet elegant landscapes to intensely allegorical pictures overflowing with imagery.

55. JOHN PERCEVAL Moses and the Insects 1969-70 image
By Tim Abdallah, Head of Art
28 Aug 2015

My garden holds me like its private dream
A secret pleasure, guarded and apart.
Now as I lean above the pool I seem
The image of my image in its heart.
In that inverted world a scarlet fish
Drifts through the trees and swims into the sky,
So in the...

53. JASON BENJAMIN Love Goes On! image
By Gavin Wilson
28 Aug 2015

There are certain landscapes that appeal to an individual’s sensibility. In the case of Jason Benjamin (born 1971), that region stretches from the Hay Plain to the Monaro in the south-east of New South Wales. Love Goes On! 2013, is a work that had its origins in the austere expanse of these...

By Catherine Baxendale B Phil Hons
28 Aug 2015

Having spent five years in London, Fred Williams returned to Australia in December 1956 to immerse himself in a landscape familiar in its strangeness.1 In dramatic contrast to the picturesque greenery of the English countryside, Williams observed an Australian landscape that was brown, flat and...