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By Caroline Jones MA (Art Admin.)
16 Oct 2013

Wandiligong, located in the north-east of Victoria, is a small township that was established in the 1850s during the time of the gold rush. The name Wandiligong is an aboriginal name meaning ‘place of the echidnas’. The town was built on the Morses Creek and during the height of the...

By Marina Bromley BA (Hons)
16 Oct 2013

"I am not making pictures, I make feelings. I want to make art without telling a story; it must be allusive, lyrical."1

Rosalie Gascoigne’s work is refreshingly original and unique in the context of Australian art. Simultaneously simple yet complex, her...

By Ken Wach
09 Oct 2013

In an essential sense this painting has everything of Whiteley. It is an artistic compendium of his aesthetic attributes, his compositional characteristics and a mirror of his personality. Well, not his personality – that is well known; but rather his inner artistic character...

By Alison Burns BA (Hons); MA
08 Oct 2013

Charles Blackman came to prominence as a major modernist artist when his now iconic series of schoolgirl paintings was exhibited at the Peter Bray Gallery in Melbourne in May 1953. This exhibition heralded the arrival of a young and profoundly talented artist with a singular vision...

By Tim Abdallah, Head of Art
08 Jul 2013

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal (reprinted in The Australian Newspaper and online

By Tim Abdallah, Head of Art
18 Jun 2013

Sydney will have a taste of the pointy end of International contemporary art this week with the display of Rachel Feinstein’s major work Wagenburg prior to being auctioned at the Menzies auction on Thursday (27th June) evening. Feinstein is married to the painter John Currin...

By Tim Abdallah, Head of Art
18 Jun 2013

There is no greater sculptor in the history of art than Auguste Rodin. He is one of those artists where the actual quality of his work has been obscured by his fame. Like Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s soup can, his Thinker is an icon and yet it is now so well known that it has...

By Tim Abdallah, Head of Art
12 Jun 2013

Head of Art’s Choice Part One

The appreciation of Jeffrey Smart’s paintings came to me fairly late. I think it’s safe to say there is no other artist, the possible exception being Arthur Boyd, where I am as conscious of having seen the light and gained appreciation after...

By Marina Bromley
04 Jun 2013

‘…Australian wildflowers are quite on their own, they are the most lovely things that we have and their colour… is soft, brilliant colour like our atmosphere, which is very wonderful. I’m particularly fond of the Australian bush with its marvellous soft colour and the colour of the gum...

By David Thomas
30 May 2013

Harold Septimus Power returned to Australia in early 1913, having spent a number of years studying at Academie Julian, Paris, followed by a lengthy sojourn in England. His first solo exhibition opened in Melbourne in June, on a Friday 13th– 1913! Apparently it was not an...