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60. ARTHUR BOYD Figure in Landscape 1972 image
By menzies
28 May 2019

In 1970 Arthur Boyd had completed the Nebuchadnezzar series, one of the defining groups of paintings in this distinguished artist’s career. These large brightly coloured and fundamentally literary works sharply contrast with equally important landscapes, some with figures, which Boyd produced in...

13. ARTHUR STREETON Olinda Landscape image
By Timothy Abdallah BA
27 Feb 2019

Although the various well known localities on the fringes of Melbourne, such as Templestowe and the Yarra Valley, had been subjects for Streeton since his earliest days as a painter, his extended series of paintings of the hilly, timbered scenery of the Dandenongs, particularly Olinda, began in...

14. ARTHUR STREETON Kent Harvest image
By Timothy Abdallah BA
27 Feb 2019

In 1897, an accomplished artist, confident of his own abilities, and yet frustrated by the limitations of Australia, Arthur Streeton set sail for England.  Streeton knew that to progress in his work he needed to see with his own eyes the famous masterpieces he had heard about and seen in books....

21. NORMAN LINDSAY Passing of the Gods image
By Gavin Fry
27 Feb 2019

Visitors to Maitland in the Hunter Valley will see stretched across the prominent façade of the public library huge images taken from Norman Lindsay’s iconic childrens’ book The Magic Pudding. Without text or commentary, the images are a reminder, if one was needed, of the enduring...

22. RAY CROOKE Islanders and Flowers image
By Timothy Abdallah BA
27 Feb 2019

Ray Crooke’s eternal stillness, described by John Henshaw as ‘the perpetual South Seas dream’1 is a unique phenomenon in Australian Modern Art. His career, which spanned  more than 65 years began with his exhibition in 1948 at Melbourne’s Kozminsky Gallery. He was still painting a...

23. CHARLES BLACKMAN Hill Farmer image
By Rodney James BA (Hons.), MA
27 Feb 2019

Some artists rise quickly to make a mark on the art scene; for others it can be a slow burn. Charles Blackman enjoyed a deservedly rapid rise – with adulation for his work increasing over time. This self-taught master of Australian art became recognised for his first solo exhibition, held in...

24. BRETT WHITELEY Self Portrait at 44 image
By Ken Wach
27 Feb 2019

When the Sydney wunderkind Brett Whiteley brought the present painting to Robin Gibson sometime in mid 1983 to be shown in his forthcoming solo exhibition, he stressed that the work be titled Self Portrait at 44.

Upon looking at the painting Gibson was somewhat...

25. MARGARET PRESTON Still-Life image
By Catherine Baxendale B Phil Hons
27 Feb 2019

Still-Life 1922-23 dates from a critical phase of Margaret Preston’s early career, when the artist consolidated her reputation as a leading exponent of Australian modernism. Having previously exhibited with the Royal Art Society of New South Wales, Preston switched allegiances in 1923...

26. JOHN PETER RUSSELL Cliffs at Goulphar Bay image
By Caroline Jones BA, MA (Art Admin.)
27 Feb 2019

John Peter Russell is also known as the ‘Lost Impressionist’, a name given to the Australian artist who moved to Europe in the early 1880s and enjoyed the height of Impressionism living in the cultural centre of the world. During his lifetime, his French landscapes did not enjoy the same renown...

27. TOM ROBERTS Portrait of Miss C (Alice Crawford) image
By Asta Cameron
27 Feb 2019

‘Tom Roberts is the finest artist Australia has ever produced.’ This justifiably bold assertion is how Brian Finemore, then curator of Australian paintings at the National Gallery of Victoria, began a lecture at the University of Melbourne in the mid-1960s.1 Undoubtedly, Roberts was...