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Art Reviews

By Tim Abdallah, Head of Art
25 Mar 2014
By Ken Wach
24 Mar 2014

Brett Whiteley was one of Sydney’s most accomplished sons. Whiteley was born in 1939 and his artistic trajectory was astonishing. Whiteley won his first art prize at the age of seven at the 1946 RSPCA competition in Sydney and ten years later he won the Young Painters’ Section Prize...

By Rodney James, B.A. (Hons.), M.A
25 Feb 2014

…Bessie Davidson [gives] in her still lifes, her interiors, indeed in her landscapes the full expression of her rich palette and of that full-blooded craftsmanship which generously encompasses l’essential in a harmonious whole.

By Tim Abdallah, Head of Art
20 Feb 2014

Observing the progress of William Robinson’s art is like operating the zoom function on a camera; but in reverse. From his earliest demure interiors and the studies of domestic life in the Robinson household, his vision and his focus expand gradually, over time, to take in the views...

By Marina Brennan, BA (Hons)
20 Feb 2014

By the time Sidney Nolan died in London in 1992 the art world of Australia and abroad had long been splintered over the extent of his genius. Time is already helping to clarify his achievement, but back then it seemed impossible to compress it into a defining idea the way we can now...

By Alison Burns BA (Hons); MA
20 Feb 2014

My vision of landscape… has to do with it being nothing more than a backdrop for theatre, a stage set for human drama – travel, dreams, disaster.1

By Tim Abdallah, Head of Art
15 Nov 2013

When a painting exceeds its estimate it's always a good thing, and when it breaks a record it’s a very good feeling for the auctioneers as well. I can’t remember a painting that caused such universal pleasure as My Armchair, by Brett Whiteley. The vendor was pleased,...

By Tim Abdallah, Head of Art
22 Oct 2013

Lot 102. Sali Herman Street Scene, Sydney 1949

It’s hard to put your finger on Sali Herman’s place in the current Australian art market. During the 1980’s art boom he prospered and set a price record for his work of $77,000 (buyer’s premium inclusive). This was not beaten until...

By Tim Abdallah, Head of Art
21 Oct 2013

Whiteley’s My Armchair, a major painting from 1976, bears the inscription in the upper right corner: Astral Weeks, a reference to the title of a famous album produced by the Irish singer Van Morrison in 1968. 

By Marina Bromley BA (Hons)
16 Oct 2013

"I am not making pictures, I make feelings. I want to make art without telling a story; it must be allusive, lyrical."1