Menzies Art Brands

Head of Art’s Choice - Rachel Feinstein


Sydney will have a taste of the pointy end of International contemporary art this week with the display of Rachel Feinstein’s major work Wagenburg prior to being auctioned at the Menzies auction on Thursday (27th June) evening. Feinstein is married to the painter John Currin and together they are described by the New York Times as the city’s 'ruling power couple'. Try typing Rachel Feinstein into Google if you want to see a power couple in action. One of the many party photos shows her with Jeff Koons, another with Larry Gagosian. Feinstein is a very fashionable artist. Her work is clever, engaging, and asks to be connected to all sorts of art. The reference to Wagenburg, a Viennese museum of equestrian carriages is productive. The plumage, colour and prancing horses do convey associations to the frivolity and decadence that co-existed with some darker events of the height of the Austrian Empire.

An in depth knowledge of rococo and contemporary art is helpful if not essential to those who wish to understand this work. Start with Boucher and Fragonard, proceed to Warhol and James Rosenquist, then go to Alex Katz and Paul McCartney (not the Beatle, the artist) and Koons.  Alternatively just enjoy the colour and physical presence of the object - it’s not difficult to do.

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