Menzies Art Brands

WILLIAM ROBINSON Rainforest with Botan Creek


Rainforest with Botan Creek showcases William Robinson’s unique approach to perspective. The upper portion of the picture plane investigates the landscape as it appears from above, while the lower portion represents the view from within the landscape. It gazes high into the treetops set against a translucent blue sky. Robinson’s complex approach to composition and perspective achieves surprising visual harmony.  This approach allows the viewer to experience the landscape through three distinct views; the view from afar, the sense of being plunged into the view and the final experience of being within the view and looking out. In Rainforest with Botan Creek, William Robinson’s presence; though not literal, is still strongly felt. He knew this landscape intimately and his works recreate not only the details within the landscape but also capture his sense of his being within it and moving through it.

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