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Buying & Selling Art with Menzies

How to Buy at a Menzies Art Auction

How to Buy at a Menzies Art Auction

Menzies' staff answer all your questions about how to go about viewing, bidding and buying fine art at auction.

How to Sell at a Menzies Art Auction

How to Sell at a Menzies Art Auction

Menzies staff answer all of your questions about how to get your art appraised (for free) and then go about selling it at auction.


We aim to make buying art at our auctions as easy as possible. Menzies is committed to securing the highest quality art works.

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Introducing our 'Email Alert' system for registered users. You can now stay up to date and informed when your favourite artist comes up for auction. As a registered user you can select one or multiple artists and be notified via an email alert of when art from your selected artists is being featured in one of our catalogue sales.

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Our dedicated team of art specialists and support staff, together with our new integrated approach to marketing has reinforced our position as Australia’s premier auctioneer of Australian and International Fine Art and Sculpture. If you would like to talk to an art specialist, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Selling at our auctions
We are constantly seeking and considering high quality entries for our auctions. If you are thinking about selling a piece of fine art, we can provide a free initial estimate of its auction value.

Consigning your property
Our art specialists will be pleased to advise you on the appropriate estimates and reserve for your property, as well as associated costs - including vendor commission, illustration and copyright fees if applicable. 
If you decide to proceed, you will be provided with a Consignment Agreement form to sign.

Auction estimates
If you are considering selling your property, Menzies will provide a free initial estimate of its auction value.

How to get an estimate

  • Every Wednesday, from 2pm – 5pm, our specialists are available and we offer the opportunity for sellers to bring their paintings to our Melbourne and Sydney offices for obligation-free appraisals. 
  • Alternatively, you can post/email us a clear photograph of each item ensuring you include the dimensions, artist’s signature, medium, physical condition and any other relevant information (however, please note that we cannot guarantee to return photographs). 
  • Visits can also be made by our specialists. These are usually at no cost but a fee may be charged which is based on the scope and diversity of the collection. These fees will be rebated if you consign your property for sale at Menzies.

Withdrawal of property
Without any prior notice to the Vendor, Menzies reserves the right to withdraw from sale the property or to have the property listed at any auction.

After sale notification
Within a few days after the sale, you will receive an after-sale advice listing the final bid price, or, in the event that the property failed to sell, notification that it was bought-in to be returned to you.
You will be sent payment for your sold property approximately 35 days after the sale, provided payment has been received by us.

Resale royalties
Please review The Resale Royalty Right for Visual Artists Act 2009 which came in to effect on the 8th June, 2010. Under this act, artists and their beneficiaries are entitled to a 5% royalty on the resale price for certain resales of their work. The government has engaged Copyright Agency Limited (CAL) to collect and distribute artists’ resale royalties, and there is information about resales on their website Menzies is obliged to provide information to CAL on all commercial resales for $1,000 or more, whether or not a royalty is payable on the resale.  

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