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Catalogue Notes

When viewing any of our catalogues, please refer to these catalogue notes for an explanation of the conditions of sale and price estimates.

If you have any questions about any of our catalogues, a Menzies art specialist will be happy to help.

Please contact us on + 61 2 8344 5404 (Sydney) or + 61 3 9832 8700 (Melbourne).

Estimated prices
Catalogue entries include descriptive information for every lot, as well as a price range. This reflects the opinion of our specialists as to the price expected for the lot at auction. 
Estimated prices are based upon prices recently paid at auction for comparable works and take into account condition, rarity, quality and provenance (history of ownership).
Estimates are prepared well in advance of the sale and are subject to revision. They do not include the buyer’s premium.
Although each sale is conducted in Australian dollars, the pre-sale estimates are occasionally also printed in foreign currencies. The rates of exchange are the rates at the time of production of this catalogue and therefore should be treated as a guide only.

The reserve is the minimum price the vendor is willing to accept and below which a lot will not be sold. This amount is confidential and will not exceed the low presale estimate. 

Goods and services tax
In the event that a vendor is registered for GST, the invoice to a buyer will provide a separate entry for GST (which is included in the hammer price). 
All Menzies’charges for services referred to in these terms are inclusive of GST. A list of works that will be sold with GST included in the hammer amount is available to intending bidders on request.

Conditions of sale
If you wish to bid in a sale, we strongly encourage you to read our conditions of sale
This document outlines the terms governing the purchase of property sold at auction. 

Menzies’ interest in property consigned for sale
Menzies generally offers property consigned by others for sale at public auction. Both the Principal of Menzies, and Menzies itself, sell property at our auctions and some of the works in this catalogue may be owned wholly or in part by Menzies or the Principal of Menzies. 
The Principal of Menzies, for some works, provides a guaranteed minimum price to the vendor of the property. Some of the works in this catalogue may be the subject of such a guarantee. 
If you have an interest in a particular lot and want to know more about its ownership or guarantee status, please contact us, and one of our art specialists will be able to help.  

All material included on this website is protected in Australia by the Copyright Act 1968 and by applicable legislation in other jurisdictions. 
Licensed works, or any part of them, may not be modified, republished, distributed, reproduced or communicated in any form except as may be allowed by the Copyright Act.