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Menzies Art Brands Pty Ltd which includes the related entities of Deutscher~Menzies and Lawson~Menzies, ensures privacy of your personal information through its compliance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the ten National Privacy Principles from Schedule 3 of the Act.

Personal information will only be collected from you in order that Menzies Art Brands can conduct the business of buying and selling with you, marketing purposes, authenticate bidding transactions, communicate and provide information in relation to the business to you, and maintain records necessary to the operation and management of the business and as required by law.

Menzies Art Brands use and disclosure of your personal information will only be within the business (including its related entities) for the purposes of conducting business transactions with you, forwarding invitations for you to submit pictures to auction and to attend marketing events, to distribute catalogues, publish results of auctions and provide information about services available to you in the best interests of maintaining a high level of client relationship with you. 

The use and disclosure of your personal information to a third party will only be where Menzies Art Brands has contracted that third party to provide a service related to the prime activities of conducting business, providing client services and running marketing campaigns involving parties such as, a mailing house, a distribution centre, a freight forwarding centre or a marketing house, with a commitment Menzies Art Brands and the contracted third party to maintaining high levels of confidentiality and protection over the security of your personal information.

The management and staff of Menzies Art Brands is at all times very aware of their responsibility to maintain quality and security of data, by applying care and diligence with the protection, maintenance of accuracy, currency and security of your valuable personal information in its use for purpose, record keeping, storage and safeguard from unauthorised access. 

The quality and security of data can relate to written and electronic records of your communications with Menzies Art Brands, video or recorded phone records which may be made from time to time for security, legal or validation of bids made at auction and, photographic images of attendees at functions, events and auctions which may be published for future promotional or marketing purposes by Menzies Art Brands.
In the event that you wish to access and/or correct your personal information held by Menzies Art Brands and related entities, you may do so in the form of a written request stating whether you want a statement of the personal information held or, a correction made to the information held or, if you have an objection to the use of your personal information for Menzies Art Brand’s marketing purposes.

Written requests should be made to:
Head of Business
Privacy of Information Compliance
Menzies Art Brands Pty Ltd
1 Darling Street
South Yarra VIC 3141

Menzies Art Brands would only disclose your personal information in a transborder data flow to a foreign country in completion of a business transaction with you which is in your direct interest and you are the beneficiary thereof. Such disclosure will only be made either where Menzies Art Brands has good reason to believe that the recipient is subject to privacy laws similar to Australia or, you give your consent for the disclosure where the recipient may not be believed to offer such protection.

Menzies Art Brands uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) software to secure your transactions with us. SSL encrypts your personal information, including your credit card number, name and address whenever it is transmitted over the Internet.

Menzies Art Brands cannot guarantee the security of any information you transmit to us or receive from our online products or services. Therefore these activities are conducted at your own risk. Menzies Art Brands will use our best efforts to ensure its security. The information we receive from you is kept in a secure environment accessed only by authorised Menzies Art Brands staff.