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CHARLES BLACKMAN Schoolgirls 1953
By Gavin Fry
25 Jan 2021


Schoolgirls 1953

In the first decades of the twentieth century, up until the time of the Second World War, images involving children were few and far between in Australian art. A beach scene might have a small knot of figures in the distance, or a...

PRIVATE SALE: TIM STORRIER Equine Impedimenta image
By Tim Storrier
22 Jan 2021


Equine Impedimenta (Tully's Baggage) 2019

'I grew up on a station in a world without television, chain saws or trail bikes. Stock work was done on horseback and occasionally a sulky would appear on the dusty roads. Polo was often played on the same horses...

PRIVATE SALE: ROBERT KLIPPEL No. 710, Windmill 1988 image
By Geoffrey Edwards
12 Jun 2020


No. 710, Windmill 1988

The subject of numerous monographic publications as well as major retrospective and survey exhibitions