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Lot 15. TOM ROBERTS Eaglehawk Neck 1925 image
By Anonymous
10 Jan 2017

The later paintings by Tom Roberts occupy a singular place in his career. In comparison to the famous '9 x 5s' painted early on in the artist’s career, and the great Shearing the Rams (1890) and Bailed Up (1895), his late paintings, mainly produced from about...

16. TOM ROBERTS Untitled (Dandenongs Landscape) 1923 image
By Catherine Baxendale
09 Jan 2017

On 6 January 1923, Tom and Lillie Roberts departed England on board the Suevic, bound for Melbourne. The last two decades abroad had represented a ‘black period’ for the artist: his anticipated magnum opus – The Opening of the First Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia (...

25. JOHN KELLY Blowin in the Wind (II) 1997 image
By Caroline Jones
09 Jan 2017

‘This scenario has been the inspiration for my work for a number of years: my intention is to create work that encapsulates the concepts and ideas that intrigue me. I take historical subjects such as Dobell’s cows…and my own personal experience to build a framework within...

26. JOHN OLSEN Frog Pond, North Queensland 1994 image
By Caroline Jones
09 Jan 2017

During the 1970s, John Olsen’s work was greatly influenced by the journeys he made into the Australian interior, previously unexplored by the artist. He travelled with the film-makers Ken Duncan and Robert Raymond, scientist Dr Douglas Dorward and naturalist Vince Serventy. During his travels,...

27. DANILA VASSILIEFF Soap Box Derby 1938 image
By Gavin Fry
09 Jan 2017

Melbourne prides itself as being one of the world’s most liveable cities, a place of culture, home to a vibrant arts scene with a penchant for festivals of every kind. A century ago it was already one of the largest urban centres of the world, but a very different place culturally and...

28. CHARLES BLACKMAN Four Children 1961-62 image
By Anonymous
09 Jan 2017

This remarkable painting came out of the most exhilarating period of Charles Blackman's life when his senses were on full alert and his aspirations as an artist at their height. Having won the 1960 Helena Rubenstein Travelling Scholarship, and settled in London with his family, he was living in...

29. BRETT WHITELEY Study for Autumn (Near Bathurst) - Japanese Autumn 1987-88 image
By Ken Wach
09 Jan 2017

Brett Whiteley’s Study for Autumn (Near Bathurst) - Japanese Autumn of 1987-88 presents the opportunity to possess a late-period painting that amply displays the artist’s acute “eye” for visual impact and compositional panache. 

The present painting was created just four years...

30. NICHOLAS CHEVALIER Portrait of Miss Winifred Hudson as a Young Girl, Seated at a Piano, her Doll Nearby 1888 image
By Tim Abdallah, Head of Art
09 Jan 2017

Nicholas Chevalier is one of the great names of Australian art of the 19th century. He arrived in Melbourne from Europe in 1854 as a young man, aged 26. His Swiss father and Russian born mother had encouraged his artistic talent from an early age, so that when he arrived he had...

31. GARRY SHEAD We Are in Australia c1996 image
By Caroline Jones BA, MA (Art Admin.)
09 Jan 2017

Garry Shead discovered the writings of Englishman David Herbert Richards “D. H” Lawrence (1885-1930) as a young man however it was not until later in life that the artist committed to a series of works on Lawrence’s book, Kangaroo. When he began the works, Shead was living in Bundeena,...

32. JOHN OLSEN Grevilleas and Tableland c1981-82 image
By Caroline Jones MA (Art Admin.)
09 Jan 2017

The early 1980s were a time of great change and upheaval for John Olsen on both a personal and professional level. In 1979, Olsen began a relationship with fellow artist, Noela Hjorth, a passionate ‘mid life collision’1 which saw the artist leave his wife and family in Dural and move...