Menzies Art Brands

Before the Sale


To begin the sales process, the first step is to obtain a complimentary auction estimate from our specialists. Follow these instructions:

  • Submit clear, colour photographs of your work of art using our online request form.

  • Provide additional information, including dimensions, medium, and history.


Menzies are constantly seeking high-quality works of art for our auctions.

If you are thinking about selling a work of art, Menzies would be pleased to provide a free initial estimate of its auction value. Appraisal requests may be submitted via our Online Appraisal Form or by contacting one of our specialists directly.


Call 1300 346 327 or for a Sydney specialist email, or a Melbourne specialist


Menzies also offers appraisals in person at our Sydney gallery on Wednesday afternoons, from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Clients are welcome to bring along their artworks at this time; there is no need to make an appointment. Please note that we will be closed for appraisals on auction days, so please be sure to check our auction calendar in advance.

Please note that Menzies' South Yarra premises will be closed for renovations from 1 July to early November. During this time, our Wednesday afternoon appraisals will be suspended. Please submit an online appraisal below or via email, or call 03 9832 8700 to arrange an in-person appraisal by appointment


In some circumstances, Menzies' specialists may be able to appraise works of art in situ at your property. This is at the discretion of the specialists in your region and pending and an initial discussion of your collection. Onsite appraisals are generally free of charge but a fee may be applicable depending on the scope, diversity of the collection and travel time required. This appraisal fee would be fully refundable in the event that these artworks are consigned to auction with Menzies.

Please note the following:

All estimates provided are provisional and may be revised after our specialists have examined your property.

Allow approximately a week for a response.

While we offer appraisals at our galleries, please do not physically send your property to us unless you are in attendance.

We regret that we cannot offer auction estimates or sale information for items that are typically not sold at Menzies' auctions in terms of type or value.

Once we have determined that your property is suitable for auction, our specialists will engage in a discussion with you regarding the location and sale date to ensure the most favourable bidding experience.

Alternatively, Menzies can assist in brokering a private sale at certain value levels. This possibility allows you to bypass the constraints of the auction calendar. Our specialists will provide personalised guidance on private sale strategies and help you curate your collection.

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