Menzies Art Brands

ARTHUR STREETON Calm Morning, Sirius Cove


Unlike John Brack who basically spent his whole life in Melbourne, Arthur Streeton, who is thought of  as a Melbourne artist, spent the most important years of his career living elsewhere. He used the proceeds of successful early exhibitions in his home town to travel, initially to Sydney and then to England, to try his luck on the world stage, only returning to reside in Melbourne in the mid 1920s. In 1907 during a flying visit to his home country, he spent the winter in Sydney to paint views of the harbour. In particular, he went to his favourite spot, Sirius Cove, a place he had first visited as a young man with Tom Roberts in 1890. His small but beautiful and important Calm Morning, Sirius Cove, Lot 45 in our March 21 Auction, is a classic example of the artist’s highly refined technique. It is expected to fetch between $100, 000-140,000.

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