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By Caroline Jones BA, MA (Art Admin.)
27 Aug 2019

Dominating the vast majority of his oeuvre, John Kelly’s cow paintings and sculptures were originally inspired by William Dobell’s (1899-1970) creation of papier-mâché cows during World War II, deployed as camouflage around defence bases as a strategy to deceive enemy aircraft.


57. JOHN BRACK The Conflict 1959-60 image
By Catherine Baxendale B Phil Hons
27 Aug 2019

As suggested by its title, The Conflict 1959-60 arose from a turbulent period in the history of modern Australian art.  In August 1959, John Brack participated in the now-legendary Antipodeans exhibition at the Victorian Artists’ Society, Melbourne, appearing alongside Arthur...

58. ROBERT DICKERSON The Wedding Anniversary IMAGE
By Caroline Jones BA, MA (Art Admin.)
27 Aug 2019

Robert Dickerson was an independent, self-taught artist and his idiosyncratic art is mostly drawn from autobiographical moments and memories. His images of displaced people, clowns, geishas, children and sportsmen ‘strike a chord in the Australian psyche’.1 His art is characterised by...

MARGARET OLLEY Mandarins in a Green Bowl image
By Christopher Allen
20 Jul 2019

Written by Christopher Allen | Columnist | The Australian | 20 July, 2019

Margaret Olley’s extravagantly coloured still-life paintings were embraced by her audience at a time when abstraction was on the rise and painting as an art form was in decline. Olley’s richly...

Art, life and the other things: Justin Turner image
By CEO Magazine
19 Jul 2019

Justin Turner’s interest in auctioneering and friendship with David Boyd drew him into the world of Australian art, later thrusting him into the role of CEO of Menzies Art Brands.


HOWARD ARKLEY Deluxe Setting image
By Peter James Smith
03 Jul 2019
By Peter James Smith, on 28-Jun-2019

Howard Arkley is a contemporary artist whose work has joined that elusive million-dollar...

22. FRED WILLIAMS Untitled (Lysterfield Series) image
By Catherine Baxendale B Phil Hons
29 May 2019

Having spent five years in London, Fred Williams returned to Australia in December 1956 to immerse himself in a landscape familiar in its strangeness.1 In dramatic contrast to the picturesque greenery of the English countryside, Williams observed an Australian landscape that was brown...

23. TOM ROBERTS Pizzo dei Piani image
By menzies
29 May 2019

Tom Roberts painted Pizzo dei Piani in 1913 while staying in Italy with friends near Lake Como, in the country’s North. The lake and the surrounding countryside and Alpine scenery which are the feature of this painting were the subject of a series of works exhibited at Walker’s Art Gallery, 118...

24. JOHN PERCEVAL After the Bushfire image
By Anonymous
29 May 2019

After the Bushfire 1957 belongs to John Perceval’s most exciting artistic period and marks a significant shift in his oeuvre. The late 1950s saw the culmination of his career coming to fruition and his most interesting stage, producing oils that are alive with ‘wild untrammelled joy’....

25. ARTHUR BOYD Woman Bathing in a Waterfall (Susanna and the Elders) image
By menzies
29 May 2019

Throughout his oeuvre, Arthur Boyd made use of allegorical themes to make comments on universal concepts of love, vanity, racism, poverty, war and death. In the present work, Boyd interprets the story of Susanna and the Elders, from the Old Testament Book of Daniel which recounts the dramatic...